Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong: Nunelucio Alvarado's Baby Turns One!

Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong (Very Delicious Food And Art) is another creation that can only come from the pride of Negros Occidental, Nune Alvarado. Today it turns one year old with a group art show participated by more than 30 artist-members of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros.

Regalo exhibit which means "gift" showcases small artworks by participating artists for gift-giving purposes this christmas. Dra. Cecilia Nava and Mr. Toti Ramos cut the ceremonial ribbon. Photographer Dodo Flores also graced the occasion at Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong.

Since its inception a year ago, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong has become the mecca of contemporary art and artists from all over Bacolod and the whole province. Nune Alvarado conceptualized his resto-gallery as a center for culture vultures who can come and visit to have a taste of Ilonggo contemporary art regardless of the time of the year.

Thus from Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong was born yet another brainchild, Artekalye, the unnamed street where Namit-Namit nestles. Nune Alvarado, who believes that all art is beautiful in its own right, envisions a haven where Ilonggo contemporary art can thrive and where artists can freely exchange ideas and express themselves in all the seven art forms (visual, literary, musical, theater, dance, film, and architecture).

The meaning of Taliambong in Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong (na-MIT NA-mit pag-KA-on kag ta-li-AM-bong) is "art" in Hiligaynon. Nune Alvarado explains that it is a combination of two words, tali + ambong (ta-LI^ meaning "to meet" or "to agree", and am-BONG meaning "mind"). Thus, art to the Ilonggo is a something like a meeting of the mind of the art and the artist. Just like a marriage.

A joke goes around that Nune Alvarado is married to his art first, then to his wife, Sally Alvarado. Truly, to be married to an artist such as Nune takes such a remarkable strength only Sally possesses. Ever supportive of her husband's passion for the arts, she is the culinary artist behind the delicious food of Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong. Her pangat recipes are a hit, most especially her pangat nga dahon sang gabi (shredded taro leaves cooked in coconut milk).

For art enthusiasts in the hunt for Ilonggo culinary preparations as well as contemporary art in and out of season, the place to go is Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong.

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