Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roberto Berondo, Jr.

Like father, like son, he is also into crafts, reliefs, sculptures, paintings, and pen-and-ink works. Although he was born in Manila, he grew up in Bacolod where he developed his art.

In 1999, he won in the On-the-Spot Mask Painting Competition. In 2003, he was hailed as the School Artist of the Year of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCCA).

Address: Villa Angela Phase 2-H Site, Brgy. Vista Alegre, Bacolod City
Mobile: (0910)207-8334

Levy Villacrucis

Born on January 8, 1962, he graduated his B.S. in Agriculture at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos in 1985. He works for Land Bank of the Philippines as Operations Analyst.

But the artist in him came through when he actively joined the Art Association of Bacolod to meet prominent and experienced artists in Negros and to further enhance his talent and showcase his innate talent.

Address: 19 Rosea St., Brgy. 33, Bacolod City
Mobile: (0920)274-0342

Butch Libo-on

Terra cotta has become second nature for this bold sculptor. Born to a family of potters, he started shaping artistic pieces since he was 16 years old.

His grandfather, a pipe user, also inspired him to fashion artistic and usable pipes from indegenous materials.

As daring as his ethnic artworks, Butch loves dressing up in loud colors and tribal jewelry.

In July 2009 he held his first solo show at Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong, Artekalye, Bacolod City.


Miriam Bayles

The mother of the Bayles family of artists. She loves painting women, children, still life and abstracts.

Having graduated in Christian Education, she is also a minister of the Gospel, assisting her husband in the ministry of their church.

She is also a musician.

Landline: (034)433-3217
Mobile: (0918)388-1592

Agustin "Bong-Bong" Jakosalem

Born on April 15, 1974 to a family of artists, he started doing pen-and-ink sketches since high school in realism and abstract. He also uses latex tinting colors, oil and water-based paints.

He works as a freelancer at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos. His latest work is the iconic painting of the late President Corazon Aquino as Ina ng Bayan (Mother of the Nation).

He has lately exhibited with his brothers at Namit-Namit Pagkaon kag Taliambong.

Address: 14-N Horseshoe, Pleasantville Subd., Taculing, Bacolod City
Mobile: (0919)383-4920

Leo Irving "Bing" Sedonio

A self-taught artist nurtured by his father, the late poet/artist Dr. Pio Ga. Sedonio who was also one of the original members of the Art Association of Bacolod.

An active student leader, he became a political cartoonist of Panay News and lectured on cartooning in the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) in the 90's. This helped finance his Law studies.

In 2007, he actively participated in a number of group shows in various venues such as the Negros Museum, Moravia Gallery Bar, Balay Negrense, and Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong.

He is married to Lilibeth Flores with whom he has four children.

He also practices law.

Address: Ortiz and Associates Law Office, Montevista, Homesite, Bacolod City
Mobile: (0920)909-9759

Chrysee Samillano

This MassComm graduate gave up her old work as a bank teller to pursue her love for the arts as a photojournalist, while writing and painting on the side.

She is one of the reporters of The Visayan Daily Star and is also an active member of the MassKara Camera Club of Bacolod.

She loves painting women, flowers and insects in oil.

Landline: (034)433-0455 / (034)708-2323
Mobile: (0919)630-7585

Bea Mocorro

The youngest exhibiting member, she has studied pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencils, watercolor, mixed media, chalk and oil pastels, acrylic and oil paints. She even tried her hand in wood carving.

Her watercolor won First Place in the 2008 Western Visayas Student Convention in Iloilo City; her christmas card and dedication won First Place in the SM Christmas Card Making Contest in 2007. She also won First Place in the 2007 Junior Student Convention in Bacolod City, another Frist Place in the Doulos Drawing Competition in December 2006.

At age 12, she is currently a first year high school student at the Christian Academy of Bacolod.

Francis Zamora

A seaman by profession but an artist by heart, after graduating in B.S. Marine Transportation at John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation in 1995, he enrolled at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City to study Fine Arts in 2002.

He believes that talent without hard work and dedication is wasted. Indeed, traits a realist painter should have.

He enjoys life as a full time painter.

Address: Blk. 6, Paglaum Village, Mansilingan, Bacolod City
Mobile: (0928)778-4210

Mark Maquimay

A Fine Arts Major in Advertising graduate of La Consolacion College, Bacolod City, he is the production artist of Gaisano Bacolod.

His major accomplishments are: 1st Place, MassKara Arko Competition (Barangay Category) in 2002; a participant in the VFC Lantern Making Contest in December 2003 and the 2nd Silver Masskara Fantasy Costume and Headdress Design Competition in 2004; Consolation Winner in the 2nd Greenwhich Bacolod Wearable Mask-Making Competition in 2005; artist/model/participant in the Killer Bee Scary Scary Night: A Scary Costume Party Competition in 2006. He also participated in the 11th Mudpack Festival's Mixed Media Art Competition in 2007.

Mobile: (0929)473-8057

Joan of Art

In 1982, she was awarded the presidential trophy for winning first place in the KKK Poster Design Contest at the PICC. In 1994, her editorial cartoon won first place in the Ely Santiago Memorial Award.

She worked as computer graphics artist of GMA TV-10 Bacolod and created the visual aspect of the first local animated television commercial, Pandora's Box.

A graduate of Computer Science and Law, she studied AAB art workshops mentored by the likes of Edgar Dionela (cartooning), Mawe Palacios (watercolor), and Katsang Alob (terra cotta).

She is the club secretary of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros for 2007-09 and has participated in almost all group shows. She has also exhibited in Cebu and Manila, gaining attention for her oil pastel figures and limited palette landscapes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nonoy Etabag-1

"For me, a truly free art can only flourish in a truly free society," says this revolutionary social realist.

In 1969, he earned his Certificate in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City where he was named one of the UP Artists in 1967. In 1986, he became an honorary member of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines, a member of the visual group, Teatro Pabrika, and organized MAKULAY (Manggagawang Kultural, Artistang Malaya).

Having an editorial artist background at the defunct Dumaguete Times in 1969, he became the layout graphic artist and cartoonist of various regional and district underground newspapers of the revolutionary movement since 1975, late 80's and before his third captivity as a political activist in 1994.

Up to the present, he passionately conceptualizes effigies and other propaganda materials in various political activities showing his realist, surrealist, and sometimes unconventional styles.

Mobile: (0927)444-5249

Carlos R. Berondo III

"Art is balance of nature," believes this realist/impressionist artist.

Born on April 21, 1984 in Manila, he grew up in Bacolod where he nurtured his art together with the other Berondo artists, mastering painting in acrylic and terra cotta sculpture.

He became a member of the Art Association of Bacolod in 2007. He is also a member of the Kamikaki Art Group. In April of this year, he had his first solo exhibit in San Jose, Antique.

Address: Villa Angela Phase 2-H Site, Bacolod City

Mobile: (0918)579-4938

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Princy Martir

One of the newest members of the Art Association of Bacolod, this Fine Arts Major in Advertising graduate from La Consolacion Collee, Bacolod City has won several art awards:

Second Prize winner, Alta Costura 2007 Indegenous Material Paper Gown, bridal category; and 3rd Prize winner, Pinas Figuras 2006, Artistic Body Painting Competition.

She is also competent in colors perspective, computer layout design, Photoshop, Macro Flash, basic and advanced sketching, creative and perspective painting, interior design, photography, visual merchandising.

Address: Blk. 39, Lot 1, Natividad St., Carmela Valley Homes, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Mobile: (0926)642-8694

Elijah M. Bayles

The younger of the Bayles Brothers. This Registered Nurse has been an artist since childhood, working with acrylics, oils, and watercolors.

His track record include membership in the ETCS-1 Art Club and Jollibee Friendship Club Joint Exhibit and the Mother and Child Exhibit at the AAB Gallery in 1996; the Annual Art Exhibit in 1997; the Paraw Regatta Sail Painting Contest and International Art Exhibit in Boracay in 1998; Group Show with AAB Artists at the AAB Gallery, and the Balay Negrense Museum in 2000; Group Show at Art Attack Gallery in 2005; the 32nd AAB Grand Anniversary Art Exhibit at SM Events Center, Bacolod City; the Art is Tourism Exhibit at the Negros Museum in 2007; Dagway Sang Mga Babaye in 2008; and Artekalye and Regalo in 2009.

Landline: (034)433-3217 / (034)431-8860
Mobile: (0919)400-9949

Carlos Vincent H. Ruiz

This multi-awarded, multi-faceted artist was educated at St. Teresita's Academy since his elementary years. At the University of St. La Salle where he is taking up his college degree, he was awarded as Most Outstanding Student in Arts and Culture in 2008.

His other accomplishments include winning the grand prize in the On-the-Spot Logo Design Contest sponsored by the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Division of Silay City in 2000, and the National Stamp Design Contest sponsored by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and the Philippine Postal Corporation in October 2005.

He is also a member of the Silay United Group of Artists (SUGA).

Mobile: (0916)474-6373 / (0928)505-2854

Edgardo "Budot" Lizares

Budot is one of the original incorporators of the Art Association of Bacolod in April 1975. Together with the late Jess Ayko, they started running the organization after declaring Rafael Paderna as the grand prize winner of the First Holy Week Art Competition.

This self-taught versatile artist is adept in realism, impressionism, and abstract. Having been well-experienced in all kinds of media, Budot's lastest works are abstracts in acrylic.

Mobile: (0918)945-7077

Jaazeal D. Jakosalem

Born December 7, 1972 in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. His father Feliciano Jakosalem was a pioneer in photographic silkscreen printing in Negros.

Bro. Tagoy as he is fondly called became active in art when he entered the Seminario Mayor-Recoletos in Baguio City where he was one of the founding members of Tatak Rekoleto, an organization of Recollect artists in the seminary.

In 1995, he started doing book designs, and his artworks soon became prominent in religious books, magazines, and cards in the Recoletos congregation and in the Archdiocese of Manila.

An apprentice under realist sculptor Boy Caedo, the brother's major works can be seen in most Recollect edifices in San Carlos, Cebu, and Quezon Cities.

He became an active member of the AAB in 2007 and has since exhibited his works in several group and solo shows.

Mobile: (0917)917-0406

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Illiana Libo-on

Although she graduated her Nursing degree, Yana as she is fondly called, has the typical artist temperament and flair.

Her feminine paintings often depict her feelings of love and angst. She believes that a person who never makes mistakes never makes anything.

She has exhibited in various group shows by the Art Association of Bacolod as well as Syano Artlink sponsored shows in Manila.

She was born on December 12, 1987.


Jasper Bayles

A Masters degree holder in Business Administration, she is presently teaching business classes on a part-time basis at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City. She also finished Law studies 2000 at the University of St. La Salle in 2000.

A talented musicial and visual artist on the side, she dabbles with oil pastels and watercolors together with her husband Daniel and the rest of the Bayles family as members of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros.


Daniel Bayles

The elder of the Bayles brothers, he completed his Architecture degree at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City, in 2005.

A cartoonist for the Negros Daily Bulletin in 1998, his illustrations are also in the children's books of New Day Publishers in Manila published in 1996.

He has joined numerous art competitions in Bacolod as well as in Shankar, India, and has won First Place in the NAMCYA Children's Art Contest, Provincial Level in Bacolod City in 1995. In 1996, he won another NAMCYA medal for winning First Place in the Wind instrument category for music.

Arthur Bayles

Born on January 29, 1955 in Bacolod City, he graduated his Architecture at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City in 1976 before he took up his Masters in Biblical Studies at the Asian Theological Seminary, Bacolod City, in 2005.

As an artist, he is a noted cubist, and has participated in several shows since 1975.

As a minister of the Gospel, he founded the Intercontinental Full Gospel Ministries-Philippines, an affiliate of the Philippine General Council of the Assemblies of God.

Marjorie Angudong

Marjorie studied Fine Arts and Interior Design at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City in 1983-86. She is also a trained caregiver.

Her favorite subjects are abstract people in pen and ink, pastels, and poster color. She also loves public speaking, poetry writing, dancing, singing, and needlework.

She says, "Words can never suffice in expressing what lies within the self. The Maker has a dream... so He gave us ways to express the dream..."

Address: #2327 C.L. Montelibano St., Capitol Heights Subd., Bacolod City
Mobile: (0920)500-4284

Nunelucio Alvarado

Born in 1950 in Fabrica, Sagay, Negros Occidental. Started his art career at age 25, portraying the plight of the sugarcane worker.

Hailed as a visual provocateur, he has represented the Philippines in several art shows in Australia in 1992, Singapore in 1996, Japan in 1997, and San Francisco, USA in 1998.

He is one of the Thirteen Artists Awardee of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1992, as well as the Grand Prize winner in the 1997 and 1999 Philippine Art Awards. In 2004 he was presented the Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan sa Larangan ng Pintura award by the CCP.

Presently, he is the president of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros and is largely responsible for the revival of the art group after a long hibernation.

Ramon Delos Santos

Ramon "Diotay" Delos Santos was born on August 4, 1955 in Talisay City. Also a painter, he is chiefly a terra cotta sculptor whose signature artwork exude fresh and innocent childlikeness typical of Filipino children.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AAB-Negros List of Exhibitions

AAB-Negros since its reactivation in 2007 has been actively a palpable force in the local art scene, thanks to its President, Nune Alvarado.

Since its birth in July 1975 as Art Association of Bacolod, some artists later grouped themselves into the Artist Association of Bacolod until AAB as we know it was revoked by the Securities and Exchange Commission for failure to comply with the annual renewal of its incorporation papers.

Like the phoenix rising from its ashes, AAB was reborn on December 19, 2007 as Art Association of Bacolod-Negros, Inc. per its new SEC personality as the only duly organized non-stock, non-profit art group in Bacolod City.

Todate it has the following track record to boot:


  • AAB Grand 32nd Anniversary Exhibition (Daw Kasan-o Lang {Looks Like It Was Only Yesterday}), July 21 to 27, SM City Events Center, Bacolod City
  • Pinta MassKara, October, SM City Events Center, Bacolod City
  • The Gift: A Christmas Card Exhibition, December 9 to 14, SM City Events Center, Bacolod City
  • Mag-Iloy (Mother and Child), December 10 to January 8, Moravia Gallery Bar, atop Italia, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • AAB-N Christmas Party and Art Demo, December 13, Moravia Gallery Bar, atop Italia, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • Love of My Life, February 10 to March 8, Moravia Gallery Bar, atop Italia, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • Dagway Sang Babaye (Face of a Woman): A Tribute to Women, March 17 to April 15, Tuklas Gallery, Negros Museum, Bacolod City
  • Simbalay! House of God, Home of the Poor, May 20 to June 10, UNO-R Lobby, Bacolod City
  • Padayon (Carry On): AAB 33rd Anniversary Exhibition, July 21 to August 5, Negros Museum Lobby, Bacolod City
  • Kinaaton (Our Very Own): A Tourism Month Exhibition, September 8 to 23, Negros Museum Lobby Annex, Bacolod City
  • Cover Up: A MassKara Exhibition, October 3 to 15, SM Cinema Lobby, Bacolod City
  • Pagkabun-ag (The Birth): A Christmas Art Exhibition and AAB-N 1st Anniversary, December 19 to January 2, Negros Museum Lobby, Bacolod City
  • Art Gift: In Cooperation with SYANO Artlink and AAB-Negros, December 21 to 31, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • 1st Artekalye Art Festival, February 1 to March 1, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • Art Sale, February 28 to March 1, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • IBP Convention Art Exhibition, March 25 to 28, Pavilion Hotel, Reclamatino Area, Bacolod City
  • Lenten Art Exhibition, April 5 to 12, Bacolod Public Plaza/San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod City
  • Panaad sa Negros Art Exhibition at Bacolod Booth, April 18 to 25, Panaad Park, Mansilingan, Bacolod City
  • Budlay-Budlay (Very Hard), May 1 to May 21, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • Hidlaw Tipon: AAB 34th Anniversary Exhibition, July 4 to August 4, Negros Museum Lobby, Bacolod City
  • Kasadya! A MassKara Grand Exhibition, October 10 to 29, Negros Museum Lobby, Bacolod City
  • Regalo (Gift): Namit-Namit 1st Anniversary Exhibition, December 1 to 14, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong, Artekalye, Bacolod City
  • Obra Maestra: An AAB-N 2nd Anniversary and Christmas Party Exhibition, December 13, Moravia Gallery Bar, atop Italia, Artekalye, Bacolod City

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong: Nunelucio Alvarado's Baby Turns One!

Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong (Very Delicious Food And Art) is another creation that can only come from the pride of Negros Occidental, Nune Alvarado. Today it turns one year old with a group art show participated by more than 30 artist-members of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros.

Regalo exhibit which means "gift" showcases small artworks by participating artists for gift-giving purposes this christmas. Dra. Cecilia Nava and Mr. Toti Ramos cut the ceremonial ribbon. Photographer Dodo Flores also graced the occasion at Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong.

Since its inception a year ago, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong has become the mecca of contemporary art and artists from all over Bacolod and the whole province. Nune Alvarado conceptualized his resto-gallery as a center for culture vultures who can come and visit to have a taste of Ilonggo contemporary art regardless of the time of the year.

Thus from Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong was born yet another brainchild, Artekalye, the unnamed street where Namit-Namit nestles. Nune Alvarado, who believes that all art is beautiful in its own right, envisions a haven where Ilonggo contemporary art can thrive and where artists can freely exchange ideas and express themselves in all the seven art forms (visual, literary, musical, theater, dance, film, and architecture).

The meaning of Taliambong in Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong (na-MIT NA-mit pag-KA-on kag ta-li-AM-bong) is "art" in Hiligaynon. Nune Alvarado explains that it is a combination of two words, tali + ambong (ta-LI^ meaning "to meet" or "to agree", and am-BONG meaning "mind"). Thus, art to the Ilonggo is a something like a meeting of the mind of the art and the artist. Just like a marriage.

A joke goes around that Nune Alvarado is married to his art first, then to his wife, Sally Alvarado. Truly, to be married to an artist such as Nune takes such a remarkable strength only Sally possesses. Ever supportive of her husband's passion for the arts, she is the culinary artist behind the delicious food of Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong. Her pangat recipes are a hit, most especially her pangat nga dahon sang gabi (shredded taro leaves cooked in coconut milk).

For art enthusiasts in the hunt for Ilonggo culinary preparations as well as contemporary art in and out of season, the place to go is Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mayor Bing Leonardia, Please Give Back the Gallery of the Art Association of Bacolod, NOW!

Mayor Bing Leonardia has promised in not just one instance to give art its proper place in Bacolod City.

In not just one speech did he promise to give 300 square meters of land for the prestigious Art Association of Bacolod, back at the forsaken marshlands near the reclamation area beside the Office of the Senior Citizens' Association.

The officers and members also went in full force to the session of the Bacolod Sangguniang Panglungsod when the matter of giving back to the Art Association of Bacolod it's old gallery was being discussed, in the hopeful effort to reclaim what used to be theirs. And, like a volleyball session, the issue was passed from one committee to another, the city officials asking from the Association for papers that are impossible to dig up, thus ending up with no clear resolution on the fate of the Art Association of Bacolod's official place in Bacolod City.

Apparently, withdrawal of support by the Bacolod City government started when the Art Association of Bacolod was eased out of its old building fronting the public plaza with the alibi of having it renovated. The association was temporarily housed at the Bacolod City Public Library until it was eased out completely.

Nevertheless, thanks to a few diehard artists who have lent their spaces for meetings of the recently revived Art Association of Bacolod, the group's address has moved from Nunelucio Alvarado's studio at the back of Sugarland Hotel to his new art haven, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong resto-gallery.

In between, the now Art Association of Bacolod-Negros would meet at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos through the hospitality of Bro. Tagoy Jakosalem, a fellow artist, as well as at other venues, such as the "HQ" at a vacant lot lent by Andre Palanca at the reclamation area, but there seems to be no place like home.

According to Rodney Martinez, another respected artist and forerunner of the Art Association, Bacolod City was hailed as the center of art outside of Manila back in the 70's, because Bacolod City's artists have varied artistic styles worthy of notice by the Manila art circle. Sadly, however, Bacolod City itself seems to be artless, notes the artist.

Unlike in the heyday of the Art Association of Bacolod, politicians were also art patrons who supported Bacolod art, as can be seen by the old artworks around Bacolod City and the bestowing of an art gallery to the association.

Presently, however, not only is the Art Association of Bacolod constantly struggling in its nomadic state, there is only empty promises from the leadership of the city government who seem to be only up to cutting a lot of ribbons during exhibit openings but not really buying art, the people's food for the soul. Except of course, for a few tru-blu art lover such as the wife of Rep. Monico Puentevella, an avid art collector and supporter of Negrense artists.

A quick tour at the major government offices of the city such as the newly constructed Government Center will obviously show Bacolod City's lack of art appreciation and therefore lack of support for its artists. Without art, Bacolod's political center seem empty, dry, and lifeless.

And Bacolod City Mayor Bing Leonardia's statements on the fate of the Art Association of Bacolod seem to be just another politicking with no concrete will to make the well-documented prmises a reality. Despite the coming election, the future of the Art Association of Bacolod is as uncertain as the political candidate's fate.

The artsy appeal thus must become a holler: Mayor Bing Leonardia, please give back the gallery of the Art Association of Bacolod, NOW!

No more empty promises. No more artlessness.

Bacolod City has to reclaim its soul.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Editorial Board


Nunelucio Alvarado

Sony Golez

Joan of Art

Jeffrey Montano

Jaazea Jakosalem


Jeffrey Montano


Joan of Art

Sony Golez


Robinson's Place, Bacolod City

Printed by: St. Ezekiel Printery, Bacolod City

AAB-N Officers for the Years 2007-2009

AAB-N Officers for the Years 2007-2009

President: Nunelucio Alvarado

Vice President: Sony Golez

Secretary: Joan of Art

Treasurer: Dolly Gatuslao

Auditor: Rodney Martinez

P.I.O.: Dave Palanca

Board Members:

Jeffrey Montano

Nonoy Etabag

Jaazeal Jakosalem

Miriam Bayles

Rafael Paderna

Rodney Martinez

Rodney Martinez' works of mostly women with round curves and serene faces in surreal chalk pastel landscapes are often very much sought after by many art collectors.

He earned his Fine Arts degree at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila and taught at La Consolacion College in Bacolod City.

A past president of the Art Association of Bacolod, he currently sits as member of the board of the organization.

Dolly Gatuslao

A member of the Filipinescas dancers that have traveled the world to showcase our culture in the language of dance, Dolly Gatuslao discovered that she could paint at a later age. Since then, she pursued her new passion and became an active member and past president of the Art Association of Bacolod.

She enjoys painting women and children in oil and oil pastels.

Her first solo art exhibit, Spiritual Rendition, was held at the Philippine Heart Center Art Gallery in Manila in 2008.

Roberto Berondo, Sr.

Roberto Berondo, Sr., or Bert Berondo is a 54 year old self-taught artist. He discovered his innate talent when he was still a little boy, and experimented with all types of media until he found his ultimate calling in pen-and-ink, as well as in terra cotta.

Bert dropped out of his Education course due to financial reasons and devoted his life in the arts. His main bread and butter, he soon found his niche in pen-and-ink, featuring the little black people and the working class.

He looks up to Filipino national artists most especially Malang and Vicente Manansala. His "squarish" strokes, he says, is his version of cubism, but always retaining the local Filipino flavor.

Bogie Alvarado

Bogie Alvarado is the second eldest in the Alvarado artist brothers. Having a well-known artist father, Bogie picked up his father's pens and brushes at a very young age.

He finished only his third year in high school, Bogie already bored with school and opted an early career in art. He then won prestigious recognitions such as being named as one of the top 30 finalists in the Philippine Drawing Society's drawing contest in 2005, as well as landing in the national finals of the much coveted Philippine Art Awards in 1998.

As Bogie enjoyed listening to heavy metal music, the album cover designs of his CD collections greatly influenced his artistic style: sharp, strong, shocking. He is also aligned with the political view of his artist father who used to be a student activist.

Frelan L. Gonzaga

Frelan L. Gonzaga is a college student. He lives in 104 Sampaguita St., Villamonte, Bacolod City.

Mobile: (0921)583-2565
email add:
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