Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mayor Bing Leonardia, Please Give Back the Gallery of the Art Association of Bacolod, NOW!

Mayor Bing Leonardia has promised in not just one instance to give art its proper place in Bacolod City.

In not just one speech did he promise to give 300 square meters of land for the prestigious Art Association of Bacolod, back at the forsaken marshlands near the reclamation area beside the Office of the Senior Citizens' Association.

The officers and members also went in full force to the session of the Bacolod Sangguniang Panglungsod when the matter of giving back to the Art Association of Bacolod it's old gallery was being discussed, in the hopeful effort to reclaim what used to be theirs. And, like a volleyball session, the issue was passed from one committee to another, the city officials asking from the Association for papers that are impossible to dig up, thus ending up with no clear resolution on the fate of the Art Association of Bacolod's official place in Bacolod City.

Apparently, withdrawal of support by the Bacolod City government started when the Art Association of Bacolod was eased out of its old building fronting the public plaza with the alibi of having it renovated. The association was temporarily housed at the Bacolod City Public Library until it was eased out completely.

Nevertheless, thanks to a few diehard artists who have lent their spaces for meetings of the recently revived Art Association of Bacolod, the group's address has moved from Nunelucio Alvarado's studio at the back of Sugarland Hotel to his new art haven, Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong resto-gallery.

In between, the now Art Association of Bacolod-Negros would meet at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos through the hospitality of Bro. Tagoy Jakosalem, a fellow artist, as well as at other venues, such as the "HQ" at a vacant lot lent by Andre Palanca at the reclamation area, but there seems to be no place like home.

According to Rodney Martinez, another respected artist and forerunner of the Art Association, Bacolod City was hailed as the center of art outside of Manila back in the 70's, because Bacolod City's artists have varied artistic styles worthy of notice by the Manila art circle. Sadly, however, Bacolod City itself seems to be artless, notes the artist.

Unlike in the heyday of the Art Association of Bacolod, politicians were also art patrons who supported Bacolod art, as can be seen by the old artworks around Bacolod City and the bestowing of an art gallery to the association.

Presently, however, not only is the Art Association of Bacolod constantly struggling in its nomadic state, there is only empty promises from the leadership of the city government who seem to be only up to cutting a lot of ribbons during exhibit openings but not really buying art, the people's food for the soul. Except of course, for a few tru-blu art lover such as the wife of Rep. Monico Puentevella, an avid art collector and supporter of Negrense artists.

A quick tour at the major government offices of the city such as the newly constructed Government Center will obviously show Bacolod City's lack of art appreciation and therefore lack of support for its artists. Without art, Bacolod's political center seem empty, dry, and lifeless.

And Bacolod City Mayor Bing Leonardia's statements on the fate of the Art Association of Bacolod seem to be just another politicking with no concrete will to make the well-documented prmises a reality. Despite the coming election, the future of the Art Association of Bacolod is as uncertain as the political candidate's fate.

The artsy appeal thus must become a holler: Mayor Bing Leonardia, please give back the gallery of the Art Association of Bacolod, NOW!

No more empty promises. No more artlessness.

Bacolod City has to reclaim its soul.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Editorial Board


Nunelucio Alvarado

Sony Golez

Joan of Art

Jeffrey Montano

Jaazea Jakosalem


Jeffrey Montano


Joan of Art

Sony Golez


Robinson's Place, Bacolod City

Printed by: St. Ezekiel Printery, Bacolod City

AAB-N Officers for the Years 2007-2009

AAB-N Officers for the Years 2007-2009

President: Nunelucio Alvarado

Vice President: Sony Golez

Secretary: Joan of Art

Treasurer: Dolly Gatuslao

Auditor: Rodney Martinez

P.I.O.: Dave Palanca

Board Members:

Jeffrey Montano

Nonoy Etabag

Jaazeal Jakosalem

Miriam Bayles

Rafael Paderna

Rodney Martinez

Rodney Martinez' works of mostly women with round curves and serene faces in surreal chalk pastel landscapes are often very much sought after by many art collectors.

He earned his Fine Arts degree at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila and taught at La Consolacion College in Bacolod City.

A past president of the Art Association of Bacolod, he currently sits as member of the board of the organization.

Dolly Gatuslao

A member of the Filipinescas dancers that have traveled the world to showcase our culture in the language of dance, Dolly Gatuslao discovered that she could paint at a later age. Since then, she pursued her new passion and became an active member and past president of the Art Association of Bacolod.

She enjoys painting women and children in oil and oil pastels.

Her first solo art exhibit, Spiritual Rendition, was held at the Philippine Heart Center Art Gallery in Manila in 2008.

Roberto Berondo, Sr.

Roberto Berondo, Sr., or Bert Berondo is a 54 year old self-taught artist. He discovered his innate talent when he was still a little boy, and experimented with all types of media until he found his ultimate calling in pen-and-ink, as well as in terra cotta.

Bert dropped out of his Education course due to financial reasons and devoted his life in the arts. His main bread and butter, he soon found his niche in pen-and-ink, featuring the little black people and the working class.

He looks up to Filipino national artists most especially Malang and Vicente Manansala. His "squarish" strokes, he says, is his version of cubism, but always retaining the local Filipino flavor.

Bogie Alvarado

Bogie Alvarado is the second eldest in the Alvarado artist brothers. Having a well-known artist father, Bogie picked up his father's pens and brushes at a very young age.

He finished only his third year in high school, Bogie already bored with school and opted an early career in art. He then won prestigious recognitions such as being named as one of the top 30 finalists in the Philippine Drawing Society's drawing contest in 2005, as well as landing in the national finals of the much coveted Philippine Art Awards in 1998.

As Bogie enjoyed listening to heavy metal music, the album cover designs of his CD collections greatly influenced his artistic style: sharp, strong, shocking. He is also aligned with the political view of his artist father who used to be a student activist.

Frelan L. Gonzaga

Frelan L. Gonzaga is a college student. He lives in 104 Sampaguita St., Villamonte, Bacolod City.

Mobile: (0921)583-2565
email add:

Dante "Tarzan" Mediz

Dante "Tarzan" Mediz started exhibiting with the Art Association of Bacolod during the anniversary show and later exhibited with three other artists in 4Kantos held at Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong. He also was among the artists in Tsinelas for a Cause at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos in 2008.

He has received several art awards, namely the Bacolod City Halloween Contest in November 2003; the Pepsi Visual Artist Award in June 2008; and the San Sebastian On-the-Spot Painting Contest in April 2009.

Mel Araneta

Mel Araneta, although a new member of the Art Association of Bacolod, has been in the art scene for quite some time already.

He specializes in junk art sculpture and sound art. He exhibited in Anyo II Sculpture at Art Informal, Greenhills, San Juan in July 2009; in Espasyo Siningdikato in Dasmarinas, Cavite, also in July 2009; and in Etniktronikaranetart, his first solo exhibit at Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong, Artekalye, Bacolod City in September 2009.

A musician with a penchant for ethnic instruments and sounds, he believes that "Art is life, and life is art".

Mobile: (0939)436-2050 / (0910)775-6828
Landline: (034)709-4996
email add:

Mark Maquimay

Mark Maquimay joined the Art Association of Bacolod in 2007.

A Fine Arts Graduate, major in Advertising at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City, he is currently the production artist of Gaisano City, Bacolod.

He held his first solo art exhibit at SM Events Center in 2008 and held a subsequent solo show at Colegio de San Agustin, Bacolod City

Jeffrey Montano

Jeffrey Montano is a self-taught sculptor. He was baptized as an artist at the age of 53. His favorite medium is wood, but he also shapes works of art out of stone.

He joined the AAB on September 12, 2007 and participated in various art exhibits beginning from Art is Tourism and is now exhibiting in various venues in Manila.

Mobile: (0919)292-9434

For a video demo of Jeffrey at work, click here.

Rafael Paderna

Rafael Paderna is one of the most respected artists in Bacolod City. He joined the Art Association of Bacolod in the 70's when he won first place in their Lenten Art Contest and became its president after several years.

Paeng as he is fondly called by his fellow artists, won more art awards, the most prestigious was the Art Association of the Philipines trophy for his brass sculpture, The Birdman.

After teaching Fine Arts at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City for quite some time, he and his family migrated to the United States, but he and his wife, Fe Lapatha, returned to the Philippines in 2007 and Paeng resumed his art career.

Recently, he has built a small bungalow that serves as his studio-cum-gallery, painted entirely white from the gate to its interiors. His white space is his haven separate from his living space, which he is currently building.

Paeng is known for his family-centered themes, his gentle-faced characters especially the mother having unusually big arms and hands, signifying that indeed, "the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world".

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Regalo Group Art Exhibit

Namit-Namit Pagkaon Kag Taliambong celebrates its first year anniversary with a gift to the Negrenses.

Regalo, a group exhibit of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros in cooperation with SYANO Artlink, will open on December 1, 2009 at 6 p.m.

As the title of the show suggests, regalo which means gift will feature small artworks for gift-giving purposes in time for Christmas.

The show ends on December 13, 2009.

Ian Valladarez, Wire Sculptor

Ian Valladarez, wire sculptor, was born on March 14, 1979 in Silay City. He started his unique art at a very young age and came to hone his continuous wire art to the highest aesthetic level which garnered for himself numerous art awards.

His most notable awards is the Best Product (home accessories) Award, representing the products of Silay City at the Panaad Festival in 2006; the Viva Parol Grand Slam Winner in the years 2003-2005; Grand Prize, Pastores de Belen in Silay City in 2004; the Grand Prize in the ABS-CBN Mask-Making Contest in 1999 and 2001; and the Grand Prize in the ABS-CBN First Belen Making Contest in 1998.

A Computer Secretarial graduate of Silay Institute, Silay City, and having earned units in B.S. Architecture at La Consolacion College, Bacolod City in 2004, he has joined several art exhibitions since 1999 up to the present.

Also a painter, he teaches painting and continuous wire art at Balay Negrense Museum in Silay where he is the in-house artist.

He is also president of the Silay United Group of Artists (SUGA) for 2007-08.

Mobile: (0906)511-8126
Landline: (034)7147676

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Panghimakas (Struggle) Art Show

Panghimakas is a Hiligaynon word which means struggle. This is the theme of an upcoming group art exhibit featuring social realism and human interest artworks by the Alvarado Brothers, Berondo, Carton, Coberos, Etabag, Guanzon, Joan of Art, Lamis, Montano, Montinola, Palanca, and Sevilleno, all members of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros.

The show will open on November 16, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. at the Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee Center of the Ateneo Law School at Rockwell in Makati City.

Support our Negrense artists in their struggle for a better future. See you there!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Edbon Sevilleno

A noted watercolorist, illustrator, painter, mixed media and digital artist, he left in 1989 to work in the Middle East as Art Director for a top advertising company.

In 2008, he returned to the Philippines where he was reunited with his old mentors Rodney Martinez and Rafael Paderna who encouraged him to join the AAB in 1983.

His comeback exhibit, Brandead at Orange Gallery was his art statement. Aside from Kasadya, he is also spearheading the 1st Negros Gamefowl Art Exhibit, a travelling art show featuring the prized gamecocks Negros Occidental is famous for.

He describes his art as "nomadic art" because of the many influences in his art from his travels abroad.

Marisol Alquizar

Believe it or not, this 30 year old beauty is a nurse whose passion is painting, photography, and poetry.

She originally enrolled as an Architecture student at La Consolacion College but she finished Nursing at West Negros University in 2007.

A realist-surrealist whose art idol is the maestro Michaelangelo, Marisol believes that "Knowing me is looking through what I have created".

She started exhibiting in 2006 at Korean Grill and Bar; in 2007 at Orange Gallery in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Program; and in 2009 as a new member of the AAB in Kasadya.

Mobile (0908)364-9493
Home Address: 2nd corner De Leon Street, Mansilingan, Bacolod City
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